June 9, 2023

Decoding: what "cases" think of singles and vice-versa

On the sides of the cases

"If they are single, it is because they are unable to keep a man "
In the eyes of society, a woman who has not yet found her half is necessarily a pathological painter or someone who has major psychological problems, such as a poorly adjusted dice with his father. While our solo is actually a miss everyone but who has not had the opportunity or the will (because yes, celibacy can be a choice, even in the long run) to forge a lasting relationship ...

"I'm sure they dream to steal my guy "
This is where brides and other pacsée are misleading ... Because to hear the not always glorious story of the conjugal lives of the cases (disputes around household chores, sexuality that pricks the nose, infidelity), singles would often opt for the torture of the pal rather than being forced to frequent, near or far, the darlings of their friends.

"They have no idea what real life is "
Certainly, singles without children can laze until noon on weekends and do not experience the joys of sleepless nights spent feeding the bottle or changing the sheets of Junior in times of gastroenteritis. But they must also fill their tax sheets (only, as a bonus), their fridge and support their cantankerous boss all year.

"By dint of living alone, they become intolerant "
It is true that after a few months or years of celibacy, they take their little habits: eat only they like, sleep starfish in their king-size bed. But they are downright ready to jostle them if their prince charming stood on the horizon ...

On the solos side

"They and I, we really do not really have the same criteria in love"

"I am demanding Often explain singles to justify their condition. A bit derogatory for all those who live in pairs because it means that if they are fitted or even equipped with a finger ring, it is because they had no expectation towards their spouse, in short they have took the first one who really wanted her ...

"They are no longer able to think for themselves
There, the reproach is more justified! Because some women couple, especially when they are mothers, forget that they are a person in their own right, unlearn to use theIAnd sometimes use only the "we »...

"The poor, that does not succeed them physically, the couple"
Yes, the box sometimes loses its superb after some time spent in couple. At the benches of the defendants, the caloric dishes she shares with Bibi, the pregnancies, the end of the BN pack of loustics she can not help but work hard .. But wait until she gets back together and you'll see that a bride has as much potential as a solo!

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