April 17, 2024

Dita Von Teese as sexy as her perfume!

Wavy black hair, diaphanous, postwar babydoll complexion, carmine lips, Dita Von Teese presented his baby: a small bottle in the spirit boudoir, all thin and all black, with not a tip of conventional spray but a pear "so glam".

A real gem dear to the star burlesque stripping just presented to the Berlin public. Dita Von Teese wanted his perfume be mysterious, vintage and seductive, the bet seems to be held!

Bergamot, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, sandalwood ... The star and ex girlfriend Marilyn Manson loves these scents to strengthen the mesmerizing side of the fragrance.

Total Woman is on sale as of October at the price of 16.50? the 20ml and 28? the 40ml.



Dita Von Teese On Lingerie And Burlesque (April 2024)