April 17, 2024

Essie Summer nail polish, summer is coming!

The sun is struggling to pierce the layer of clouds? It's been a long time since the beauty professionals found the way to give a little pepper to the days of greyness: the touch of color comes from nail polish, brilliant shine even in the dullest lights.

Now, in this month of June, Essie concocted for his "addicts" a collection that mixes sweet and vitamin tones for a particularly pleasant ensemble. The brand continues to convince with its creations of a very easy application, fluid, and a very correct hold, even if the sand will inevitably require very regular manicure touch ups!

For which occasions?
Essie destine this "Summers collection" to the beach, sunbathing, summer langueurs. But these tones or pastel acid also revive the less holiday days for their appeal to summer fun.

Essie Summer Collection 2012 - 11,90 euros (Monoprix stores and Marionnaud perfumeries).

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