October 27, 2021

Eva Mendes is the face of Magnum!

An Eva replaces another! Magnum must be a fan of the name or think that it brings him luck. Eva Mendes succeeds Eva Longoria and becomes the new face of the brand. The beautiful actress of Cuban origin will not leave anyone ice for his new role! Very happy to have been chosen, she said she was "a great amateur of chocolate" and "always try to please yourself". She adds : "I think you have to get pleasure but not feel guilty! Life is very short, you have to enjoy it to the fullest". For Eva Mendes, to enjoy life: eat ice cream!

In France, we will discover another face than that ofEva Mendes to represent Magnum ice creams. And it's beautiful Valérie Bègue, former Miss France 2008 who will represent the brand in the hexagon.

The roles of ambassadorsEva Mendes and Valérie Bègue will begin Thursday, April 2 at the "Pleasure Summit " in Istanbul. On this occasion, a large study on pleasure will be launched. We wanted to know a little more about the "Pleasure Summit " inaugurated by two experts in seduction ... They will collaborate with the Magnum professor in charge of the study to determine the causes of pleasure among consumers. The purpose of the world study is to discover its pleasure coefficient.
Magnum blows this year its 20 candles and to celebrate the event, 2009 will be punctuated by surprises and novelties revolutionary, just that! To mark the spirits, Magnum has even created a new slogan: Magnum, "World's Pleasure Authority" which means Magnum, "the World Reference of Pleasure".

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