February 29, 2024

Factory outlets, inventory and brand center: sales all year round!

Inventories of unsold items
At the time of sales, the shops try to sell the items of the old collection as much as possible and thus leave room for those of the new season. But what happens when a shop crams under the stocks of unsold items? No, nothing is lost.

All of these stocks are usually returned to a factory store or stock store, where items from old collections are sold. This is ideal for finding designer branded clothing since these stock stores offer discounts ranging from 30 to 70% all year round. Needless to say, in times of sales, some of the items sold in factory outlets are almost given! But beware of defects, if most items are actually unsold, there may also be some defective ones. A good look at your heartbeats before going to the box will not be superfluous.
Brand centers
Parisiennes are lucky because many of factory outlets are in the capital or in the Paris region. But overall, we find factory outlets in all French regions, even if some of them are more famous. Troyes is, in this respect, one of the reference cities since this is where the first factory store was established in 1936. First reserved for employees of major manufacturers, factory outlets are now open to the public and often grouped together in major brand centers.
Marques Avenue, Quai des Marques, Marques City, La Vallée Village, Factory Center, all these names correspond to brand centers that have appeared in every corner of France and in which we find a majority of brands of clothing. It should be noted, however, that the decoration stores are also opening more and more their factory outlets. Result, you will not only be able to renew your wardrobe, but also revive your interior for three times nothing!

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