May 29, 2023

Focus on the tempura trend

The tempura is a Japanese donut fried in oil. Traditionally, tempura are garnished with fresh vegetables or Pisces and crustaceans. Extremely light because the donut paste consists of a mixture of flour and egg, the tempura meet with great success when served in aperitif or in hors d'oeuvres.

What foods for my tempuras?

The tempura garnish according to your own taste. Feel free to choose Pisces white flesh like fillet of cod or sea bream, seafood such as shrimp, oysters octopus .... And side vegetables, carrots, slices of onions, eggplants, pepper or potatoes will delight you taste buds .

The preparation

For the donut dough, beat an egg yolk in a glass of ice water and add 250g of flour. Stir it lightly and keep cool. Then peel and trim your vegetables in thin and long slices then pass each ingredient into the flour before rolling them in the donut dough. For your seafood, shell your Pisces and cut them into narrow, long sticks. If you cook shrimp, keep only the tail, it will facilitate the tasting of your tempura. To choose, season tempura with fresh basil branches, salt and pepper. Heat the oil to 170-180 degrees. Roll up your ingredients in the donut dough and let them fall. As soon as the donuts come to the surface, take them out. There is only to serve.

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