May 13, 2021

Gorges of summer fruits

You know, you have to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. With the appearance of summer fruits on the market stalls, it is really easy and tasty to reach this quota! That it is good to do good.

In summer, the fruits grow in the sunin soils full of minerals: their flavor, fragrance and quality are affected. Vitamin C, fiber, carotenoids for melon, apricot, yellow peach, vitamin E for blackberries, blackcurrants, apricots, blueberries, polyphenols for red fruits, here are so many reasons to enjoy them.

Crus the summer fruits provide maximum benefits. It should consume at least 3 crudités per day. Vitamins and minerals suffer from freezing and industrial transformations. So the ideal is to eat local products, which have not traveled, and the freshest possible. And why not pick them yourself?

The juices are a great way to sample the summer fruits fresh. Whether you make them yourself or buy them in small shops that start to appear in malls, mix fruits or even vegetables. People who have trouble eating at breakfast can drink a large cocktail of fresh fruit juice. They will be satiated until lunch.

cooked, the summer fruits are available in desserts, pies, salads, in sweet-salty mixtures with meat. Clafoutis are a great way to make children eat fruit and milk.

Create your dishes, surprise your family, reinvent flavors according to your tastes: the melon goes wonderfully with salmon, apricot with fresh goat cheese ..., the watermelon is enjolive of a strawberry coulis for the dessert...
Our advice
In winter, enjoy summer fruits by freezing them. Apricots, melon, red fruits ... are then washed and carefully dried before being frozen in individual portions, brought out for desserts colored.

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