August 2, 2021

Hair: For the holidays I want a glamorous bun!

This year, Christmas will be under the sign of glamor. From your vote to makeup, passing of course by the hairstyle, you will adopt all the criteria of the Hollywood star on a prestigious red carpet. For that, inspire yourself this pretty hair bun signed Jean-Claude biguine.
If you just washed hair, start by drying them by emphasizing the roots. It is indeed important to keep a natural material and volume. If your hair tend to be raplaplas, boost their volume by placing your hair dryer under the roots to take off.
Using a comb, draw a line on one side of your face. To help you, take the middle of your eyebrow as a marker. Isolate all the locks that frame your face, taking the top locks about 10 centimeters wide. On the rest of your hair, take some thick wicks and crepe them. This will allow your hairstyle to better hold throughout the evening, especially if your hair are fine.

Gather all your hair towards the back of your head so as to form a kind of banana bun blurred. To be successful, this hair bun must almost give the impression that you have combed your hair "to life". Thus, it is important that some wicks stick out of the banana and form bumps on the top of the head. This will also give a vaporous volume effect. Secure your banana with tongs hair bun.
Take back hair isolated and separate them into several wicks of variable size. You attach them one to one carelessly on your hair bun. On the side of the face where the wick is the thickest, you can create a false bangs by returning the locks on the forehead before fixing them. Kirby clips will help keep them on the side. Finally, make sure you maintain your hairstyle by largely abusing lacquer.