June 5, 2020

How to choose your wedding caterer?

Because the choice of caterer is crucial for the smooth running of a wedding, take the time to meet your provider. Above all, do not hesitate to ask him questions. Is he used to weddings ? Does he manage the unexpected as an extra meal or a person allergic to gluten or lactose? Does he know the quantities to be served per adult and per child? Because of weddings where one dies of hunger at the end of the mounted piece, it exists and it makes talk.

Can not meet the caterer, it is a commercial that takes over ... Beware! He does not always know the true capabilities of the restaurant owner and will tend to want to reassure you to sign the contract, even lie to you. In other cases, this may mean that weddings are made by different caterers. There is more to hope for a good!

Taste the menu of your wedding
Whatever the provider, ask to taste the menu which will be served to your guests. In general, the restaurateur offers the meal to the newlyweds and sometimes proposes to invite four additional people such as step-parents or witnesses. A nice commercial gesture worthy of a true professional.

The tasting is all the more important because it makes it possible to make readjustments on the menu or the wines chosen. Moreover, do not hesitate to uncork the bottles you plan to serve on D-Day to ensure the best deal.
Faced with a caterer who refuses any tasting and has only pictures to offer, run away!

Beware of cork fees
A restaurateur can quite serve your wine bottles on the day of wedding. In this case, make sure it does not charge any plug fees. Because it oscillates between 2 and 15 euros a bottle, and can even climb!

In addition, some hotel-restaurants that organize weddings, leave their bar open all night. Here again caution. Prices are often exorbitant. And consumptions are sometimes the responsibility of the bride and groom. Beware of unpleasant surprises.

An impeccable service
If the meal is important, the service is just as important. Before signing the contract with your caterer, discuss the servers. How much will they be at your wedding ? Will they work until the end of the meal? Indeed, some unscrupulous providers do not hesitate to charge the presence of servers from midnight. And as a wedding often ends later, do the addition.

In addition, make sure that the chosen package provides for the disposal of plates. Some caterers charge this service extra. Finally, a good restorer must take care of the rental of the dishes, set the table and clean the kitchen after the service.
Detail points that may be contentious on the contract. Better avoid any unforeseen and provide a refund in case of concern.
By following our advice, you will surely find the perfect caterer that will delight your guests. Your wedding dream can begin!

How to Choose Your Wedding Caterer (June 2020)