August 16, 2022

How to make up the summer: the advice of a pro

What particularity must summer makeup have this year?

To put it simply, we must remember two words to make up this summer: nude and bright at a time. Thus, you alternate light spots, contrasted to more natural areas that give a good-looking effect without "too much".

Concretely what gives what? Which part of the face should we focus on?

In summer, one focuses more on the eyes than the complexion, contrary to the winter. Makeup must be fresh, shinning and iced. We forget the gradients, the color schemes, the smokey eyes, too heavy and sophisticated ... Side colors, this season leaves room for all the extravagances. You prefer warm and iridescent shades, such as walleye, which automatically give a boost and blend with the tan. You shamelessly abuse turquoise and green, which are ultra-trendy and suitable for all irises. Even if the colors are strong, the gesture must be natural, so you can apply the color to the finger on the entire eyelid moving even beyond the arch. For a better application, choose more fluid materials than matte paint. To enhance the outline of the eye, draw a thin line with a black pencil in the tip of the inner corner of the eye (where there is no eyelash) and flush with the upper lashes (be careful this is a line below the upper lashes, different from the eyeliner). A single stroke of mascara, effect false eyelashes, sublimate the sparkling effect.

How to avoid packets eyeshadows ?

With sweating, it is true that eyeshadows tend to stagnate on the folds ... quite unsightly! To avoid this kind of inconvenience, first apply a tinted base (or not) that will fix the color (type Primer Potion Urban Decay). Whether you're bathing or not, I also recommend using waterproof products that will withstand heat spikes. Of course, do not forget to use a proper makeup remover at night.

And how to keep a good complexion despite perspiration?

By not using a compact foundation! The overly thick and thick texture does not leave the skin to breathe and easily packs. So, if you really can not do without foundation, I recommend mineral powders that give a high-definition result, without a painted finish. The right gesture: with a large brush, first matify the T area first and then spread the small touches of the rest of the face. To tone the complexion, you can enhance it with a powder of sun and finally you will end with a touch of blush, sand color, to sharpen the face and raise the cheekbones.

On the lips, what color do you recommend?

I am a fan of nude glossy that contrast with the iridescent eye. It would be best to apply a tone-on-tone lipstick of the apricot / coral type. In all circumstances, avoid matte textures.

For the hot summer nights, what do you advise us?

In "by night" version, you will play lights with glitter. First on your eyes with the glitter eyeliner that follows the colored line (turquoise, emerald, purple ...) on the upper eyelid. On the neck, the arms, the neckline (everywhere!), You will paint glittery sun powders that give a glamorous effect.

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