September 19, 2020

Body care cocooning: balms delights

Thicker than a body lotion, richer than a cream, balm is the quintessential treatment par excellence. It melts under the fingers and in the skin, and massages leaving behind subtle scents. Balm in the heart and body!


A balm in winter
Between cold and wind, winter damages our skin, causing drought, tightness and discomfort. In addition to hydrating it, it must be protected with lipids and adopt nourishing rather than hydrating care that is insufficient. The ideal to combine business with pleasure are the balms, often organic or based on natural ingredients, which are rich in vegetable oils and butters thus providing effective protection and intense nutrition. Located on the texture side between rich nourishing cream and vegetable butter, balms are precious beauty allies to help cutaneous cells to withstand external aggressions. On the program: massage gestures for fun application, slippery texture, satin finish and supple skin that ... balm!


The cocooning balms


Heartbeat: massage bars, Lush
Solid balsams that come in melt-to-melt breads, like soap. The substance melts immediately and reveals its caressing fragrance. Many choices of perfumes to massage and warm up, alone or in pairs:
- "Heart tender": a fondant heart with cocoa, honey and caramel, as a dessert for the skin. (8.45? / 30g)
-" And maybe more " : a massage bar with shea butter and organic cocoa from fair trade and marigold, the essential oil of African marigold. A precious balm with soothing virtues extremely comforting. (11,95? / 65g)
- "Magic beans": all the power of hot spices to relax muscles after a harsh winter day! The balls stimulate the skin and its formula provides a very relaxing heating effect! (10,95? / 70g) on ​​


- Cinnamon & Vanilla Shea Butter Balm, Aroma Zone
100% natural this organic butter with cinnamon, vanilla and sesame oils is a treat! Nourishing and protective for the skin but also the hair it warms naturally and lends itself perfectly to the massages. (100 ml, 11,00?) On and at the Aroma-Zone 40 store Bld St Germain 75005 Paris


- Ultra-nourishing Balm Sheave - Argane Clairjoie
The strength of shea and the sweetness of argan in a refreshing and satin regenerating balm that nourishes the skin intensely and helps it to firm up. A nut is enough to feel the sweetness of natural ingredients and see the skin soften. (19,50?)


- Body Balm Surgras Effect Dressing, Mixa
A hypoallergenic formula, paraben and dye free, specially designed for sensitive skin and especially very dry. Composed of 30% glycerine, oat milk and petrolatum, it acts as a dressing by repairing the epidermis and protecting it during its convalescence. (300 ml, 6.30?)


- Firming Firming Cream, Nuxe
This ultra-thick cream really behaves like a balm! Coming from the new Nuxe Body line where dream textures combine with gourmet fragrances, the soothing formula with almond flower petals reveals sweet notes of coconut, orange blossom and vanilla. When we know that in addition it contains smoothing and firming agents (Oatmeal, Brazil Mimosa, Vitamin E), we fall in love! 200ml, 35?

How To Use Thermal Cleansing Balm by Omorovicza (September 2020)