May 29, 2023

In Sofia Coppola's dressing room: the dresses she loves!

The term femininity makes sense when you look at the looks of the young woman: she spends most of her time in dress or skirt. In 2010, at the time of the triumph of slim and other leggings, we applaud with both hands these efforts of femininity that are reminiscent of looks "madmenisant", the 50's in less. Once again, she will not have waited for fashion.
In real girl, Sofia Coppola do not be afraid of frills, wrinkles, flowers, skirting skirts, in short everything that makes a woman. Not sure however that these small excesses of zeal cross as well the years as his famous little dress black. But in the meantime, we take some seed and we offer ourselves a real dress of girl!

Our Sofia Coppola shopping:
Dress Carven, 450? on
Dress Tutu and dress Floral printed kimono Topshop, 200? and 125?
Dress Miu Miu, 1035?


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