June 13, 2024

Justin Bieber sells his lock of hair at auction!

Unbelievable ! We have just learned that Justin Bieber had cut his lock of hair. "Yeah, so it's true, I made myself a little haircut. I like it, "he wrote on his Twitter account, but the little brown man did not just do it to change the cut,Justin Bieber would sell her hair at auction!


But the 16-year-old star does not do that for the money. His lock of hair, a sign of his identity since its inception, would serve to help a charity. We do not know for how much will sell this symbolic wick but we guess that the sale will reach peaks, at the height of the hysteria of his fans!


Already bald?


Justin Bieber surely thought to make short hair because last week, the baby singer discovered on You Tube had been bald, wearing a hairpiece, on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC.


"I think fans will be shocked, but they will recover," warned Justin Bieber. Truce of joke, by dint of cutting his hair, Justin will perhaps end up soon bald!

Justin Bieber's Hair Sells For $40K (June 2024)