April 20, 2024

Kamasutra: The Scissors

In this position of Kama sutra, the woman is lying on her back, on a table or desk, her hips all the way to the edge, her legs in the air, so as to form a right angle with her body. The man stands in front of her and, spreading her legs, penetrates her. He holds the ankles of his partner and crosses and uncrossed his legs in the sand of his comings and goings, like a pair of scissors.

Tips + : When your legs are crossed and your contracted perineum, you tighten his penis in you, then uncrossed legs, it can penetrate you very deeply ... These effects of crossing provoke sensations very voluptuous. Show him that you appreciate this position of Kamasutra. Why not take advantage of your free hands to caress your breasts and clitoris? This show will only increase his excitement and yours!

Flexibility: ++
Sexual challenge: +++++

Active man: ++++
Active woman: +

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