April 17, 2024

Make a hem

To make a beautiful hem, whether for a skirt or for a trousersit's better to do without the sewing machine. The result sewn by hand is much more discreet and aesthetic.
The material required to make a beautiful hem is yarn a slightly lighter color than your fabric, scissors, an iron, pins and a needle even thinner as your fabric is light.
Determine the length you want to give to the leg of your trousers or to your skirt. Place your pins. Iron the fold of the hem so that the fabric is well placed when you start sewing.
Cut the excess fabric to about two centimeters from the fold. Surf to prevent the fabric from tapering.
Sew on the wrong side of the fabric. Take a stitch of the fabric with your needle above the rim of the hem and then sting frankly in the edge of the hem. Check on the fabric area that your work is invisible.
For hems in thick fabrics, you can buy iron-on stickers that are easily applied to the iron. Fast and clean, it is an effective alternative for allergies to the thread and the needle!
Our advice:
To hem a scarf, the best is to adopt the roulotte technique. Instead of making a two-centimeter rim, roll the fabric and hold it in small slipped dots.

How to Make a Double-Fold Hem | Sewing Machine (April 2024)