October 5, 2022

Makeup trend 2010: a limited collection at Estée Lauder

"I wanted to create the French makeup par excellence: the black smokey eye, radiant skin and irresistible lips." Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director Estee Lauder, was chosen by the brand in November 2009 to create a beauty concept combining French style with an American brand.

"I'm a makeup artist known for sublimating women, making them sensual and sexy," says Tom Pecheux. "When I was given the mission to create a collection exclusively for Paris, it seemed to me as obvious to create it for the evening, the moment when all French women wish to be sublime. through this makeup all facets of seduction and French femininity. "

According to Tom Pecheux, the Pure Color Night collection consists of three essential products to experience the ultimate elegance of nocturnal Paris ... from dusk to dawn. The glamorous muses of this range, the French supermodel Constance Jablonski and the Chinese model Liu Wen, contribute to the charming image of this sophisticated make-up.

"I wanted to create the ultimate interpretation of sensuality and French seduction - a black eye shadow for a smoky and sulphurous look, a powder light for a complexion with perfect radiance and lips that men will not be afraid to kiss, "says Tom Pecheux.

Pure Color Eyeshadow - in Naughty Black creates a provocative smokey effect. These eye shadows offer a trio of textures: matte, satiny and sparkling. These spectacular black and brown tones are worn alone or superimposed.

Pure Color The powder light is airy, ultra-refined, and creamy texture. The Highlight shade adds a sensual glow that gives the skin an effect of freshness and youth.

Pure Color Lip Jelly - Kiss Me Tint Me saturates a nude pink of "wet-bitten" lips. Shine-mirror polymers accentuate the lacquered appearance, for a seductive and irresistible mouth.

Pure Color Night is presented in elegant blue-black cases stamped with the monogram Estee Lauder.

This limited edition makeup collection announces an exciting collaboration between Tom Pecheux and Estee Lauder. This collection will be available only in Paris, Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and Printemps Haussmann, for a limited period, from May 17, 2010 until May 22.

Pure Color Night:
Pure Color Eyeshadow, 23?
Pure Color The powder light, 45?
Pure Color Lip Jelly, 22?

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