June 10, 2023

Resto-de-Paris: a little guide to unpretentious cannon restaurants

Native Parisians, provincial expatriates or tourists passing through, all will tell you: the question "you do not know a nice little restaurant, not too trendy, not too expensive, but really hot?", This question sometimes gives cold sweats , kind of big chills. It's true what, as if we had an encyclopedic memory of all the places where we spent a pleasant evening and where we ate well ...? Fortunately, now we have something unstoppable to respond quickly, a little red book yes yes.

On May 16, this little book simply titled Resto-de-Paris was born, four years after the creation of the site resto-de-paris.com. To realize this little work, and after having tested some hundreds of addresses of restaurants in Paris, it is therefore the must of the must, the crème de la crème, the icing on the cake or even the whipped cream on the strawberries that has retained the author Aude Baron.

In the end, the young "gourmette" signs a super practical guide that goes to the basics and does not take for what it is not (like a snoring guide with gastronomic reviews of 42 pages double-sided). The guide Resto-de-Paris is therefore 91 addresses located in the four corners of Paris; diverse and varied desires (Italian, African, Asian cuisine, ... everything is allowed); light and free comments (the guide claims indeed a strict independence); good plans for parties in love, on the terrace or between friends ... Uh, there's everything? Yes. So if you like simple things, if you like to eat, if you like to discover restaurants, you do not take the head and that in your pocket, you have 8.90? : make yourself happy.


Bistro de Paris

8,90?, Quespire Publisher

More info on: www.resto-de-paris.com/

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