June 23, 2024

Rihanna vs Katy Perry: the war of wigs!

The two stars had the same idea at the same time: play on the flashy style of long hair and colored. This is perhaps the best way to get noticed! Focus on the capillary duel between Rihanna and Katy Perry.

Rihanna and her red hair is a beautiful love story for almost a year! After blondi her hair, the star of R'n B sado-maso (see his last clip!) chose the bright red. A shock at the beginning but we can say that all hairstyles become beautiful!

For Katy Perry, in true love of wigs, we've already seen purple, black, pink ... Her hair took all the colors of the rainbow in her clips and on stage. Even to sign autographs in the street, the beautiful spell her manga girl paraphernalia! The blue wig was for Fashion Week, and since the media continue to compare the two stars and their hair fads.

Verdict: we love Rihanna and its red vi, regardless of its length of hair and its hairstyle ! The beautiful even seduced the brand Nivea ...

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