August 16, 2022

Sales: 7 unstoppable tips for doing good business

"Aaaaaaah!" Cry of hysteria in front of the shops, this Wednesday. The sales have started. Shopaholics, thrifty and fashionistas are hurrying in front of big brands, looking for bargains, bargain prices and products that made them want, all year long. However, this year, fewer women will be hurrying to the shops to do the sales. But whatever ! This will leave more choice, and room, for those who want to enjoy it, like you, for example. Before you start, body and soul, on the shelves, it is better to prepare yourself. We mean here: establish a plan of attack, which will allow you not to spend money and go out, happy, these sales. To do this, used the sound advice and expertise of Valérie Dewerte, Editor-in-Chief of You only have to follow the guide!
1. Anticipate:
The key for sales successful? Anticipation. Go shopping in stores, try the items that make you want. Then make a list of those that interest you, with their price. This will save you time, but also make you have. It is indeed common to see, in store, the day of sales, surprise stocks added especially for the occasion. 2. Compare: today, the banners have almost all their websites. A platform on the web that allows you to buy the same things as in a store. So be careful, once in the shop, to compare the price of the sale item that interests you, with the one on the net. This will save you some nasty surprises. In case of last resort, and if you have been made, it is still possible to appeal to the good commercial sense of the seller (and to be convincing). 3. Private sales and loyalty cards: Valérie Dewerte strongly recommends this option. The sales private and loyalty cards stores promise you sales interesting on goods actually sold in stores, and not surprise stocks, as mentioned above. 4. Keep your cool: "Watch out for the effervescence of sales" says Valérie Dewerte. Understand here the excitement associated with "-50%" panels and more, tablet labels and attractive prices. This drives us to "buy anything". The best: sorting in his dressing room, before going to shop, to know what one REALLY needs. 5. Stay grouped: Another technique given by Valérie Dewerte: group purchases, especially for children's clothing. Go ahead with several, appoint a purchasing captain, who will then negotiate with the trader to get a wholesale price. It will work for small traders, but not for large retailers. It's up to you to find the girlfriend who knows how to bargain, or to sharpen your arguments. 6. Wait: be patient. The third and last markdowns are, in the eyes of Valérie Dewerte, the most interesting. Take advantage of these ultimate discounts to refuel basics, such as tights, top and underwear. 7. The discounters: Valérie Dewerte also invites you to take a look at the discounters, high tech in particular. "In general, it's really worth it". Yes, the sales do not boil down to ladies' clothes! Do not miss any opportunity to do business. Thanks to Valérie Dewerte, editor of the site, for her answers.

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