January 26, 2021

Slimming tip: the benefits of roots

Everything about Garcinia Cambodgia
All to please. In the field of fashionable fat burners, it is Garcinia Cambodgia that has been a huge success this year. More than a root, Garcinia Cambodgia is actually a fruit of Indonesian origin that contains a fruit acid called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has the particularity of regulating the appetite.
This acid is a cousin of citric acid contained in citrus (lemon, grapefruit ...). It slows down and limits the conversion of sugars into fatty acids and therefore the storage of fats in the body. In addition, it brakes sweet desires. The icing on the cake: it would also decrease the production of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol, Ed) and triglycerides.

Among the supplements derived from this fruit, the thinness Vital Vit'All +, which consists of Garcinia Cambodgia and therefore the famous hydroxycitric acid, milk thistle and silymarin, hepatoprotective and Guggul, which balances lipids.

Manual 1 to 3 tablets ½ hour before each meal. 24.75? the 30 tablets.


All about Konjac
But, the 2012 bestseller of natural appetite suppressants is undeniably the Konjac. This root (Amorphophallus konjac), which has a natural appetite suppressant effect, is a plant of the family Araceae that grows naturally in the forests of Thailand, Vietnam and China.
Used for more than two centuries by Asians, this sweeper of the intestine, promotes transit, traps toxins before they reach the bloodstream and eliminates these undesirable by natural ways, without irritating the intestine.
It is also a real trap for fats and sugars. If you mix 4 g of Konjac with your diet, you will divide by 2 the glycemic peak, that is to say the rise of sugar in the blood. And finally, glucomannan, a water-soluble fiber contained in Konjac tubers, the most viscous in nature, has the ability to absorb water to gain volume in the stomach before a meal, helping to increase feeling of satiety.
Manual : Take at least 30 minutes before main meals to give fiber time to act.

What's new in pills thinness ?
After Oenobiol and its Activator thinness (16,90?), Then Léro with Pondéal, vanilla or red fruits taste (29? The box of 30 sticks) and Arkopharma with his Arkocélules (7,60?), It is Juvamine who launches into the fray with his Capsidol 50 Complex Appetite Reducer with Certified Medical Device (12,40?).
And if you are not convinced by the food supplements, go directly to the source by cooking yourself the Konjac thanks to the book of Anne Dufour and Carole Garnier, "My magic recipes Konjac and Shiratakis" Editions Leducs.S. 14? In this book: 38 questions / answers to know everything about this superfood, the diet Konjac in practice with 2 weeks of menus and 76 salty and sweet recipes easy to make!

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