October 25, 2021

Special summer fashion Tip look good: go to the orange!

In the summer, the good-looking (even without UV) goes through a assist sip of betacarotene (orange, tomatoes, carrots) but also by clothes that look good and bring out the tan. After a day of sunbathing at the beach or on a café terrace, do not hesitate to go out with white pants and orange top, the good duo for a "beach girl" vitamin effect ... And if you do a little "fire" red "the fault of a sunscreen a little deficient, opt for a kakiou a cold tone that will redesendre the temperature of your cheekbones.

Did you know ? Fluo colors (pink, yellow, orange) bring out the tan. Special mention to tangerine orange that brings out sun-tanned skins ...

Side makeup? This summer the varnishes go fluorescent (pink riviera, yellow mimosa, flashy orange or even green grass), we dare the pop colors. Only advice to remember: we get the varnish off the hands and feet and avoid the rainbow side "color block". Example: if you wear a neon yellow t-shirt, prefer a pearl pearl varnish for the hands. The green varnish might be too much ...



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