August 16, 2022

Star beauty: do you look like Angelina Jolie!

His complexion
The beautiful Angélina shows a dyed beautiful, all natural. His secret? A background of dyed neutral, pinkish beige color. Perfect to matify the skin and enhance very slightly its complexion gently. To hide the imperfections, use if necessary a concealer stick, to apply in small keys and to melt with the fingertips, to avoid the overloads. Finally finish working your dyed with a mattifying loose powder. Result: dyed zero-defect, a velvety skin, a fresh and pinkish mine ... We adopt without hesitation Jolie-attitude!
Their eyes
Angélina Jolie has beautiful eyes ... and she knows it! To bring out and highlight the deep blue of his eyes, the young woman always plays on the natural. First step to get yourself doe eyelashes, adopt a clever accessory: the eyelash curler! Perfect to open and enlarge the look. Second step, apply a light touch of makeup on the upper eyelids to give depth. Choose a neutral color, slightly darker than your skin. Why not a touch of coral, deep rosé beige or rose petal? The important thing is to opt for the natural. Finally finish with the most important step: apply 3 layers of mascara on the upper lashes, allowing to dry well between each layer (to avoid the "packet effect"). Your eyes are deeper, your eyes stand out: you're done!
His mouth
A sensual and glamorous mouth: the star knows how to highlight her luscious lips ... For that, nothing more simple ... To draw your lips in the manner of Angelina Jolie, a single watchword: to stay again and always ... natural! To hem your mouth, start by drawing it in pencil first. Choose a shade preferably nude (natural beige, sand beige, pinkish beige ...). Then go to lipstick. Opt for a matte red, long lasting, of course matching your lip pencil. Finally, for the glamorous effect, finish the makeup of your mouth by applying a touch of transparent gloss. Nothing like ultra-sexy lips!
Her hair
The top of the hairstyle the beautiful brunette? A hairstyle on hair long ... To adopt urgently! For that, start by applying a little styling mousse on your hair clean and moist. Then dry them with warm air, head down, to work the volume and avoid the hair-flat effect. Brush finally all of your hair and finish working a few locks iron. Very wide loops that frame the face and casually fall on the shoulders: that's one of the secrets of the glamorous look ofAngelina Jolie !

Angelina Jolie Makeup Tutorial! | Emily DiDonato + Erin Parsons (August 2022)