September 25, 2021

Stop yoyo: I stabilize

You followed the previous tips and managed to phase out all your unwanted pounds. Congratulations! But your work is not quite finished. Now you need to stabilize your weight so you do not take back your old kilos as soon as you remix "normally". This phase of stabilization is therefore essential to not fall back into the infernal circle of yoyo. According to Véronique Liégeois, it is essential, even in a diet perfectly balanced and should last at least 6 months.

What is it?
To increase its calorie intake very gradually by reintegrating the foods that you had eliminated or consumed less during your diet. It is therefore a delicate phase during which it is better to be followed by a dietitian to achieve it successfully. Because that's when everything can go wrong. Indeed, if you go back to eat anyhow, your weight will quickly go up quickly. Also, be very careful that you eat and weigh yourself regularly to check that your weight is stabilizing.

But do not worry. If you managed to lose weight thanks to a diet perfectly balanced and unrestrictive, your stabilization phase will be facilitated. All you have to do is maintain your good eating habits by diversifying your menus. But be sure to stay motivated and keep in mind that this transitional period between diet and an food normal is the guarantor of a lasting thinning.

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