October 25, 2021

Strawberry, the first red fruit of the season to taste

The strawberry, symbol of the return of the beautiful days, makes its return on the markets for the greatest pleasure of the gourmands who consider it as their favorite fruit. The first varieties of the season are the gariguette, very fragrant and its dauphines, ciflorette and cigaline, tasty and juicy.
Did you know ? The strawberry comes from the Latin "fragare" which means to embalm. Just like fig, the strawberry is a false fruit! Ella belongs to the Rosaceae family and is grown as a vegetable in a kitchen garden. The real fruits of the strawberry are in fact the achenes, the small yellow grains that bite under the tooth.
The benefits of strawberries :
The strawberry is an excellent source of vitamin C and stimulates our immune system. Very low in sugar, its calorie intake is also very low (only 35 kcal / 100 g). The minerals contained in the strawberry are diverse and balanced. The strawberry is refreshing, it contains 90% water and has very little cellulose, sugar or fat. It is for all these nutritional virtues that the strawberry is an ally of weight to accompany a diet thinness.   
To taste strawberries :
It is advisable to buy the strawberries ripe, without stains, very shiny and firm at the same time. Store them in their perforated tray and in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator for a maximum of two days. The strawberries can be consumed natures, with sugar, cottage cheese, whipped cream or transformed into jam, syrup, liquor, ice cream ...

Red ilama - Strawberry Taste, Custard Apple texture with Steve Trenerry (October 2021)