April 10, 2021

Taste the naughty novelties for your winter evenings

Take off this ugly dressing gown and show how pretty you are underneath! Swap it against a soft but sexy body, which lets see all of your naked body, but under an extremely fine and soft tulle. The Maison Close brand has what you need. Already, there, you announce the color. "Tonight, darling, it'll be sexy. "

You can disguise your bath in a haven of sensuality, too. Run a bath. Easy. Get yourself one of the novelties among the Desirable Curiosities that offers 1969: the Box Water for two. Not only this box puts you in the musical atmosphere (a CD of Jazz is inside the box), but in addition it puts the senses in turmoil! The bubble bath and the rose petals contained in this magic box seem to be the next allies of your naughty parties ...

And how to envisage a sexy evening without the inevitable moment «massage ! Before or after bathing, you have the means to make your body irresistible with the oil of massage Flikering Touch of Lelo. It comes in two different recipes, one light, sweet and the other full-bodied, bewitching. It's up to you ... or not! Who said we had to hurry?

Let us proceed by "stages", take our time. First the sweet, and then the full-bodied ...
Put some pop in her winter evenings. This is the watchword that should be given to all, to stay the course and succumb to the desire to hibernate. Love to love has released nothing for us a mini vibrator 7 speeds (anyway), pink farting, which can prove to be THE little touch of madness of your winter nights. Needless to say, but this kind of gadget is used alone as well as two ... The object bears the sweet name of Waouhhh. It promises !
And the Kissable Body Painting ?! The brand Shunga knows how to talk to greedy aesthetes (e) s. What's more tempting than a pretty edible drawing, imagined by you, on the body of your partner ... Yum!

And finally, the last but not least, the timeless Cry Baby! from Secret Bullet, by Love to love. Not new, but plebiscite rather than twice with the people who have tried it, it is perhaps the object that was missing your naughty panoply. Nothing more sexy than playing to take pleasure at the pleasure of your partner. If you're told that you look like a Manara heroine, you'll know why ...

These few ideas may expand you naughty horizons, and may even become gift ideas. Do not panic (since it's in a little over a month), but Valentine's Day is coming ... Let's anticipate the pleasure !

Our sexy shopping:
  • 1- Body Rose Powdered - Villa Bel Ami - Maison Close; 64.90?
  • 2- Water Gift Box - Indiscrets Jewelry; 59.90?
  • 3- Oil of massage - Flickering touch - Lelo; 34.90?
  • 4- Sextoy - Waouhhh - Love to love; 9.90?
  • 5- Embossable body painting - Shunga; 16.90?
  • 6- Secret Bullet - Baby Cry - Love to love; 59.90?

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