January 16, 2022

Ten signs that betray the serial-lover

1. He has several irons in the fire
True, he is extremely cute. But if it appears that you are not the only young lady of the evening to whom it flows hot flashes, courage, run away! Our inveterate seducer puts his trap daughters everywhere to be sure to bring one in his bed at the end of the party ...

2. He has a radar eye

He does not look at you, he undresses you. When he gets you into his viewfinder, you feel like a purebred dog who goes through a beauty contest. He evaluates everything: your chest size, the length of your legs, the shine of your hair. So, if you do not want to be an extra specimen in his collection, go your way.

3. He has a speech (too) well oiled
He causes as he breathes, with talent. But if you listen carefully, you will notice that it tends to serve the same pretty formulas to each young lady he finds on his way!

4. He talks a lot about him
Another peculiarity of his rhetoric: he loves to impress you, evoking heavily his dream apartment, his job canon, his friends (who shine by their absence, oddly ...)

5. He is unanimously hated by other boys
Because if Monsieur-le- Bourreau- des-C? Urs came alone, it is because he has no more friends. It must be said that with his sickly need to flirt and by dint of breaking their couples, it was quite a lot of enemies ...

6. He has a frenzied telephone activity

The serial-lover has one or two phones on which he spends his time sending "urgent" text messages. But not touch: he watches over his smartphones more jealously than a hen on his egg!

7. It squares all the suitable grounds
The man seems to be endowed with a gift of ubiquity since one can find it, in the same day, in ten different places, preferably with strong female concentration: night clubs, trendy cafes or even libraries for the most daring . But it is also omnipresent in the virtual space: you risk crossing it on a myriad of dating sites ... under different nicknames.

8. He does not want to appear with you in public
Even if he has described the second before as "sublime," he will refuse to take your hand in the street, under false pretexts: he has an ex who is horribly jealous, he could cross his mother, and so on. .

9. He excels more in tracking than in the conclusion
Gifted to pack, it will be less aesthetic once under the duvet. With him, the sexual scenario may look like "5 minutes, shower included". He does not do itlove, he consumes...

10. He breaks faster than his shadow

As soon as he has brought you once or twice to his bed (or yours), it is to be expected that you will lose all interest in his eyes. He will then find other phony reasons to end your romance, if we can call it like that: he is still in love with his ex, he leaves soon work abroad ... All for not not tell the truth naked: he is pathologically unable to engage in a real relationship!

Never cheat ur love ❤️❤️❤️???????????????? (January 2022)