April 17, 2024

The care of the day: youth serum BIOEFFECT anti-wrinkle

This serum is the first in the world to contain a plant derived EGF. EGF, Epidermal Growth Factor, is the epidermal growth factor. Understand that your cells regenerate for younger skin longer!

Result: a small bottle of BIOEFFECT EGF Serum anti-aging, a real makeover! This face care was developed by an Icelandic company specializing in molecular biology. A care resulting from ten years of research in green biotechnology. This cosmetic comes from the cold brings us all its virtues. It improves the appearance of the skin, thanks to its cell activators herbal, an innovation in the world of beauty!

EGF is naturally present in the skin and accelerates the renewal of cells ... your face is like new, the complexion is fresher, revitalized and radiant with health. Unifying, moisturizing, preservative-free, fragrance or colorant, the serum anti wrinkle come from Iceland is approved by dermatologists. Its 9 ingredients make it a simple formula that even heals dryness and other skin problems. And the must is that 2 to 4 drops on the face are enough without adding moisturizer !

Creamy, clear like water, this serum do not leave our vanity anymore. We tested it and adopted it!

Serum anti wrinkle BIOEFFECT: 135? the 15ml

On sale today on www.bioeffect.fr, Colette and selective distribution.


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