October 27, 2021

The final word

A few days after this session, we gathered Natacha's reaction to this particular experience: "I have only one word: RAVIE I am very happy with this day. Catherine Braillon are obvious and yet I would never have thought of it myself. I was attentive to information about my range of colors but it's true that once alone in a store in front of all the clothes, it's a little less obvious. Fortunately Catherine Braillon left me a document that reassures me about my choices.
The makeup tips are easy to reproduce. I like it a lot and especially it suits me: natural, light but classy. I also like the hairstyle: it is really ideal because the hair is positioned alone.
At the end of the day, Catherine Braillon gave me a small clear file explaining what suited me and what I needed to avoid. I am very happy with this experience which has brought me a moral well-being: my image is finally in adequacy with what I am internally! "

Newsboys - The Cross Has the Final Word (Official Lyric Video) (October 2021)