April 10, 2021

The gym club: a good hunting ground?

Are you one of those addicts of treadmills, step sessions and your slimming coach? Is it to keep you in shape or to try subtle approaches (or not) to the other sex? The gym: a place dedicated to the body or the heart? And why not both ?

Fantasies of all kinds

All these bodies in effort, it gives ideas! These gentlemen reserve you a show of choice: all these muscles bandaged, these mines concentrated and so sexy, this sweat which bead on their forehead and flows on their temples. It would become almost erotic ... Of course, you have a hard time not to glance at the beautiful stallion who trains in front of you!

These gentlemen are also not the last to stare at you from head to foot, to sift you smiles in corner as soon as it sings to them, to make tons on their treadmill, in short, to use their charms and playing with big arms to impress these ladies.

The look: it goes or it breaks

Discover the object of natural greed is good: your potential conquests have great difficulty in camouflaging their flaws in sportswear. A strong hair? It would be noticed, in shorts and T-shirt, not much escapes you! A paunchy belly? He will quickly come out during the session of abdominals! But watch ladies, what is valid for these gentlemen is also for you. No or little makeup, the red cheeks, the hoarse voice due to effort, sweat and your sometimes extravagant outfits could scare the elected of your body ... So look after your appearance! To be beautiful while playing sports, it works!

And outfits, let's talk about it ... Sportswear does not mean wearing the least amount of clothing possible! We forget the ultra-short tank tops, the mini shortys that let everything guess, the underpants too tight. The same goes for the Barbie disguise: the ponytail-palm, the flashy pink headband matching the terry wrists, socks and sneakers - no! But staying feminine is essential. The XL jogging, the formless T-shirt, the old Nike holes that came out of the closet will not show you to these gentlemen.

The traps to be avoided

Beware of the talkers, the compulsive draggers, there are many! Philippe gets into group sessions just to stand next to you and chat for thirty minutes. JP hangs around the water bottle dispenser and sometimes even at the entrance and exit of the locker room to be sure to fall on you. Alex pretends not to notice that you are listening to your MP3 for peace. And "Rene the BG", as he calls himself, always has a tip to give you when you have a problem with a machine, although he knows nothing about it. In these cases, do not hesitate to make it clear to those Don Juan junk that you are not interested, before the situation turns into a nightmare!

Another high-risk scenario is likely: you have a heartbeat and choose to take the first step. Go smoothly! You start the conversation and try to flirt. Do not insist if you see that it will not lead anywhere. He answers you in a few words, do not pick up his machine, do not try to find out more about you? Following ! Do not despair, others will surely be much more sensitive to your charms. Be patient, something tells us that your next prey will soon fall into your nets ...

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