June 13, 2024

The name boy of the day: Elisha

When they are children, the Elisha are nice and rewarding boys. The Elisha are not problematic children and they are protective and responsible elders. At school, the Elisha are disciplined.

When they grow up, the Elisha can appear soft, calm, reserved, not very expressive. They know how to control themselves. Men, who wear this first nameare stable, determined, serious, take and take responsibility.

Concerned about their image, the Elisha are seductive and need to please. These workers and perfectionists have the ability to lead and organize. But they are often at ease in both creative and performance activities.

They are particularly ambitious, efficient, enterprising, voluntary, disciplined. Honest, conscientious and proud, the Elisha hate mediocrity and superficiality. Generally, the Elisha show great patience, especially in the professional environment, but they can be abrupt and angry. The Elisha have their feet on the ground and show cold blood and efficiency.

99 | Elijah vs Elisha -- Chuck Knows Church (June 2024)