April 17, 2024

The name of the day: Scarlett

Origin of name Scarlett
The first name Scarlett comes from Latin and means "scarlet color". Despite strong growth since 2009, this first name, is only worn by 600 people in France but remains commonly attributed in Anglo-Saxon countries. There is no Saint Scarlett known to date.
History of the first name
Anglo-Saxon countries like to attributefirst names original to their child. As a result, they regularly associate first names like this one to characters from novels or movies. Indeed, "Scarlett" is from Margaret Mitchell's book "Gome with the Wind" (1900-1949). It was in 1939 that this novel was adapted by the director Victor Fleming in which Vivien Leigh plays the pretty Scarlett O'hara. Subsequently, this first name experienced a real international success thanks to this film.
Character of Scarlett
Scarlett is an ambitious and organized person. Dynamic and enthusiastic, she knows how to appreciate the people around her at work but also in her personal life.

People mixing up Scarlett and Evie from the Gardner Quad Squad (April 2024)