February 22, 2020

The slimming tip of the editorial: I walk 1 hour a day!

No need to hide behind your finger, when it comes to putting on his sneakers for a jog or take his kit swimsuit + hat to go to the pool, we always have a good excuse. Choice: lack of time, last minute meeting, blow of the pump, drink with friends, etc ...

Failing to go sweat in a room sport or a jog, why not walk! Yes, walking is a sportjust like cycling or swimming! At the rate of one hour of walking per day, the results are there has disassembled a study of the very serious Journal of the American Medical Association.

An hour's walk is your choice:

- 2 walks of 30 minutes with the doggie

-1 shopping session (and if you also carry bags, you muscle your arms)

- round trip home-office if you do not live too far from your place of work


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