October 21, 2020

The trend of ripped jeans

With your scissors, the trend of the fashion wants that our jeans lets glimpse our skin. But before cutting your fetish jeans, check these tips for the code of good taste is well respected! And if you are not very handy, try different models all made in stores.

The jean model to be pierced is free. OK for the slim, the flare, the boyfriend snub. He is happy, however, that the jeans are faded with bleach. For a grunge look, sack as much as you can slim. For a wise and trendy rock look, keep your hand lighter on the cuts.

Bermuda shorts this summer is destroy and in jeans - or not. So while you have the scissors in hand, also cut the legs of your jeans above the knee and offer him a perfect rolled!

Wear your holey jeans with a T-shirt loose or rock, to be at the forefront of fashion trends. Be careful, the trick is not to pierce him! As long as to choose the pace destroy, as well assume with possibly a leather jacket (but soften it with ballerinas wise) or with a perfecto studded. To take it out in the evening, steal the most chic costume jacket from your boyfriend, even his tuxedo jacket, roll it down and perch on heels. To wear it cool at the beach, take the eternal marinière out of your closet. She will be very cheerful!

The accessories to adorn your ripped jeans will finish your trendy look. Let's go one more effort not to skid in this last straight line! The belt is sober and this is an uncompromising fashion tip. Exit the nails, the big curls and the rhinestones. Side shoes, we put on the simplicity with Camargue boots, Spartans, Converses or sandals with high heels to go out.
Our advice:
To rip your jeans yourself, it is best to scrape the fibers of the fabric from the tip of your scissors lengthwise to create the effect.used ". Be careful, the tears are, for their part, horizontal!

What is the true meaning of wearing ripped jeans? | Ingrid Nilsen (October 2020)