October 25, 2021

Top Chef: a three-star barbecue and more pressure for candidates

Started with great fanfare two weeks ago, the second season of Top chef continues on top: after preparing an afternoon tea for hungry children and served a hearty pasta dish to Sébastien Chabal and his rugby buddies, the ten candidates still in contention in the adventure Top chef have some work to do tonight on M6.

Two high-flying events will be imposed on them: first, to cook a three-star barbecue, with a wood fire and pleasant appetizers for excited little scouts; and then develop an out of the ordinary dish to impress their respective mentor, those who gave them the taste of cooking and craft.

A new episode of Top chef, always presented by Stéphane Rotenberg and Agathe Lecaron, which should contain a lot of twists and sequences of emotion. Who of Abraham, Alexis, David, Fanny, Ludovic, Paul-Arthur, Pierre Sang, Ronan, Stephanie or Tiffany will manage to succeed in the infernal battle of Top chef 2011 version? Answer tonight ...

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