December 10, 2023

Valentine's Day: How to please him in six lessons

In search of your Valentine's gift:

The PASSION gift
Your man is a fan of four wheels, speed and adrenaline? Offer him a flying course. A little more if you opt for the gift voucher: the driver of the day can choose himself the formula he wants. Of course, such a gift has a price: at least 80 euros for a driving racing course, 130 euros for a Ferrari course, 200 euros for the Lamborghini, 340 euros for the Formula 1. Many other models are available in these different price ranges, so that your half has all the time to decide! Fasten your seatbelts...

Your jules are addicted to superheroes? Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, for you it's gibberish, but it's his hobby. The solution seems obvious: stop searching and offer him a comic character in his image! At 40 euros, you will not make the centerpiece of your living room, but your companion will be delighted by this very personal wink. These little masterpieces of a surprising kind meet the sweet name of "Cloonie". (No ladies, nothing to do with Georges, for the fans of Dr. Ross we will iron ...)

The INTELLO gift
Welcome to E book! This reader has been marketed in the United States and Canada for just over two years and has just arrived in France! Your half is a bookworm, he devours book after book? This trendy gift is for him! You will find the E book at Fnac for 299 euros. This high-tech gadget will allow him to store about 150 electronic books, but also images and audio files. About 2000 books are already available for download. Your man should find his account!

Your friend is a gourmet? He likes good things, gastronomy, good wines? Give him a good dinner in a great restaurant or a gourmet getaway if your budget allows. You just have to choose among the tens, the hundreds of formulas at your disposal. The box of local flavors, for example, will take you through France, according to its visits-tastings. You will taste the local products while taking the air and cultivating you. All this for 129 euros. One thing to say: let's go!

Small budgets, this formula is for you! The canvas is full of fun and personalized gifts at a great price. In a few clicks, find the one that looks like him. Whether it's the custom mug for him to think about when you drink his coffee, the custom T-shirt that will be used as pajamas, the fake A newspaper that will make him a celebrity or the personalized watch so that his delays are combined in the past, you are spoiled for choice. Your photos, your sweet personal words: all in a gift from 10 euros.

The ECOLO gift
Never seen ! A computer in ... bamboo !!! We must believe that nothing stops the ecology, and that's good! Does your man like to be at the forefront of technology and current trends? Fill it with Bamboo V6, the latest addition to Asus, and at the same time make a gesture for the planet. True object of decoration, the V6 contains neither aluminum nor polycarbonate nor magnesium. It is composed of bamboo, natural product and biodegradable. Flat: a price up to the originality of the product, count in the 1500 euros.

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