June 9, 2023

White wine, red or rosé wine, what to choose for my dinner?

 Wine and dish must sublimate each other, accentuate some flavor, soften others for perfect harmony. As a starter, your little verrines, toasts and canapés will go well with a wine white or delicate rosé, light, slightly fruity but not too sweet. For your dish, if you orient yourself towards the fish, the wine will be mostly white. The proteins contained in the fish soften the acidity of wines white that do not hide or spoil their tastes in return. of the wines Chablis dry type, Loire or a young Riesling are best suited to different kinds of Pisces and cooking thanks to their mineral and floral aromas. But if we roast or grill our fish, the wine should be more aromatic, more woody and powerful like the Touraine or those of the South-West.

Meat, poultry what wine ?
The meat reds, powerful in taste, traditionally call for wines powerful reds. But it's not so simple, everything also depends on the song and the cooking method. With a carpaccio or a tartare, we will choose a wine more airy whose aromas will not mask the subtle taste of dish. Poultry side, a wine fresh white or a little tannic red will do. If you serve it with vegetables or sauce more or less spicy, the wine will have to adapt accordingly and be more aromatic.

Cheese, red?
The choice of wine to accompany our cheeses is not so obvious as one might think. The goat for example, will be sublimated by wines sweet and fruity whites, while sheep and cow cheeses will like dry, crisp whites. With the pie ... no wine ! Opt for either a raw cider or a Calvados liqueur. But if for you the cheese must be used absolutely with red, prefer the less tannic such pinots black Alsace or Champagne, or a Touraine.

For dessert
Small citrus salad? The wine straw is the only one that will go well with the acidity of the fruits. Dessert Fruit ? A Muscat will be delicious. For others, a Banyuls or a Mury, whose aromas are close to the fruit, will agree with your dessert with magic. And if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist seller.

How to Pair Wine With Food | The Art of Manliness (June 2023)