October 5, 2022

Woman closet or woman convenient?

A sharp, funny and moving text by Chantal Alves Malignon (written especially for actress Sylvie Flepp), a sober and rhythmic staging by Isabelle Rattier (who recently worked on Monologues of the vagina), a nuanced interpretation of Sylvie Flepp (also known for her character Mirta in More beautiful life on France 3): The women cupboard sign the successful collaboration of three women for a show that, if it will necessarily touch the female audience (how not to identify, at one time or another, this women who continues to love "theman of his life "while he does not deserve it), will not fail to also challenge the male sex (they too can easily identify with one of men who pass in the life of the Women cupboard : the macho, the coward, the gallant, the first love, the cop ...).

A man ?...
In this room, the women is a piece of furniture.
The women " cupboard "is the one that has only one door, one man inside and a huge mess that goes with it; it is the one who can not be unfaithful, the one who does not compromise; it is the one who excuses everything, the fickle husband, the drinking husband, the husband who refuses his tenderness. "And yet, that was it, my little girl dream: (...) a man honest, brave, hardworking, sensual, intelligent, manly ... sometimes paternal, a macho, always in love. A big man who knows how to be tiny when you feel like it. A man unique in your heart, in your bed, in your mind, in short a man, only one, for life ".

... or men?
For its part, the women chest of drawers has multiple drawers, in which men : " a man in his life, a man in his bed, a man in his heart, (...) the one who makes you go forward and the one who never says no to you. True tender or little wild, romance or black series ... ".

The author plays mischievously with the words and rhymes: "I do not want to believe in this shipwreck, it's going to pass, it's just a storm, my self-esteem is enraged, but let's be sublime, forget outrage! To succeed in the rescue and leave for a long trip, you have to do a great cleaning, redefine the markup ... And you no longer have to be fickle! "

And you, are you totally cupboard or downright convenient? Or rather a bit of both? Answer to Petit Hébertot until March 31st!

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