April 17, 2024

1 piece / 5 looks: my starry dress and my painting class

The next canvas that will adorn the wall of your living room will be you. Dreamy and in love with art, painting relaxes you, transports you and you wait every week for your painting and drawing lessons with the impatience of a child. Working girl in the style of femme fatale the week, you transform yourself into a bohemian princess on weekends. Your new weapon to see life in color? A dress dotted with shooting stars and white as the moon!


Why do we dare?

Brushes at the bottom of the bag, drawing pouch under the arm, you're ready to conquer the artist who is in your house. For a painting class, we forget sexy outfits or those in which we feel too tight. The goal ? Be comfortable to focus solely on your work. But be careful, feeling good about your clothes is not synonymous with "potato bag"! So we take out our pretty dress trendy star print, our old pair of boots and a cardigan that keeps you warm. And above this nice look? A painter's apron accomplished!


Our shopping

Dress NAF Naf : 44,95?

Eric Bompard Tweedy Cardigan: 395?

Coclico Boots: 275?

Mango scarf: price not communicated

Topshop tights: 6?

Miss Selfridge bag: 28,70?

Clairefontaine cardboard: 9,15?

Brushes: from 1,50?

struggling to paint starry night on white shoes (April 2024)