June 23, 2024

Aesthetic slimming machines: the Techni Spa

The principle

This time the palpate roll is lived in three distinct stages to tackle all the components of the cellulite.
Step 1 : the beautician passes the handle, called ioni-masseur, which "sucks" the skin to realize the skin fold of the palpate-rolling in a regular way. So far, nothing innovative. Except that there, the action is increased tenfold in one and the same passage since the ioni-masseur reproduces twice the professional gesture of "palpate rolling" by exerting a double aspiration on the connective tissues that trap adipocytes and fatty clusters . 1st effect thinness aims to mobilize the cellulite, while the 2th, decompartmentalizes fat deposits and weakens the gangue mucosa retaining adipocytes.
2nd step : Thanks to the low intensity current sent, this technique promotes the elimination of fat. It allows optimal penetration of the assets contained in the gel previously applied by the beautician.
Step 3: Muscle stimulation can work the muscles to burn fat.
For who ?

For all those who have pounds to lose around the hips and thighs and have suffered previous failures. The method thinness Techni Spa requires great motivation, seriousness and diligence for convincing results. Count three treatments a week for one month.
The price

59? the 45-minute session
More information

Guinot-Mary Cohr Institutes, 4 rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris

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