December 10, 2023

Poll: They resell their ex's gifts to buy their Christmas presents!

If the Santa Claus knew that, he would scratch them off his list! According to a survey conducted by, a site of purchase and sale of new and used products, 66% of French people say they are ready to resell a gift offered by their former half to finance their purchases of Christmas.

Quit to pass the towel on a story oflove finished, use it to offer gifts from Christmas to relatives who will appreciate them! Half (52%) of Internet users surveyed say they intend to resell their ex gifts, plus 14% who would have done well if they had not already thrown everything in the trash . Which makes us 66% in total.

The reason for this resale? It is necessary to get rid of these objects become annoying. And instead of throwing them away, it's better to get a few under them! This behavior reflects the general trend of reselling gifts that have not pleased or that we already have. This is called "consumer transactions at 0 euro", crisis requires.
"We have been observing for several years a growing craze for the resale of gifts on the Internet"says Paul Choppin of Janvry, Director of Communication at "We all have, one day or another, experienced the experience of the gift that is not suitable, or received in duplicate. In addition to the financial gain from the resale of gifts, this phenomenon illustrates a general consumption trend that has become more responsible, in which, among other things, waste is avoided at all costs. Giving a second life to an object that would probably never have been used and that will please someone else goes in that direction."
After all, why hang on to things of the past? "It's the crisis", as they say. And the lack of money some of them generates recycling. As long as it's happy!

And you, have you been tempted to resell a gift offered by an ex?

I BOUGHT IT. (December 2023)