June 25, 2022

Backstage fashion is in So Fashion on Odyssée

Attend parades the most glam of this Fashion Week haute couture on the arm of Christophe Beaugrand. The troublemaker who already officiates in 50 minutes inside on TF1 takes you, before everyone else, behind the scenes of parades, where cameras are not usually allowed. Between confidences, unpublished images and questions
impertinent, Christophe Beaugrand dares everything ...

On the occasion of Paris Fashion Week, So Fashion will cover the highly anticipated parade Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld, the High Priest of Haute Couture, will lend himself, exceptional, to the game of questions and answers of the impertinent Christophe Beaugrand!

The journalist will also take you behind the scenes of parade, where only insiders are allowed ... Confidences, adrenaline and exclusive images in sight!

I watch So fashion on Odyssée Sunday, January 31 at 5:15 pm presented by Christophe Beaugrand

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