August 12, 2020

Beauty look of the day: Mélanie Laurent and her feline look in Marrakech

Yes Mélanie Laurent can be annoying. No matter what she does she stays beautiful and natural. Red mouth, smoky look, make-up nude, or no make-up at all ... the French remains elegant, glamorous and his face always radiant. Enough to annoy more than one! And for those who still have doubts, it was enough to see her walking the red carpet last weekend at the closing ceremony of the Marrakech festival.

Mélanie Laurent had indeed opted for a very great evening beauty, without doing too much. We particularly like her eye makeup. The beauty had bet on a combination of dark colors to bring out the blue of her irises. On the eyelid was applied a brown eye shadow, slightly iridescent to bring a little light. A black pencil line tinted with walleye was drawn at the level of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid and below the eye and inside the mucosa. A little black mascara to lighten the lashes and here is a feline look to perfection. Cheeky pink cheekbones and pink-beige colored lips were enough to complete a very feminine and glamorous evening make-up, but at the same time quite natural.

On the hairdressing side, Mélanie Laurent opted for a ponytail low and fixed on the side with slightly wavy lengths. His bangs had been arranged to reveal a pretty "hairy-tousled" effect. A hairstyle without real headache, which sticks rather well to the natural beauty of the young woman.