August 16, 2022

Childbirth explained to dads

First contractions
Ouch! Baby begins to be felt ... but the contractions remain spaced. No need to panic. On the other hand, we would like to relax, as we learned during the preparation

What you do not have to say: 
"Well, you'll let me know when you're in pain for good ... because I had to go to Patrick's house tonight to test his new console ..." or worse, "What?" Do you have contractions? to sit on the leather sofa, and if you lost the waters, wait, I'll get a oilcloth ... "

What you need to do: 
Prepare a hot bath for your wife, offer her a massage to relax her, tell her very nice things and get you ready, at her disposal. Example: "My darling, you need something, tell me what I can do for you ..."

Uh ... We'll have to go!
The contractions are now very close together, and the pain becomes frankly unbearable. Obviously, it's time to go to the maternity ward. And rather dare dare ...

What you do not have to say: 
"But wait, that's okay, we have time ..." all because it's 3 am and you want to sleep.

What you need to do: 
Understand that it is now. Be a total fusion partner, a Roger / Roger as we like them. You have everything planned: if you have to leave at dawn, you are dressed in 5 minutes, the suitcase and keys in hand, the engine of the car that heats ... As for the journey, you studied it since a long time !

We arrive at the maternity

Once there, we have to wait a bit for someone to come and take us to the workroom, ask the monitoring ...

What you do not have to do:
Repeat every five minutes: "Well, is there someone coming in? What are we doing, what are we waiting for, who?", Stressing everyone, going around in circles heart and head to your wife.

What you need to do:
Take things in hand, with calm and firmness, but without stress. Dare to raise your voice if no one pays attention to your wife who is wrong in pain. She has a lot to do with you in those moments ...

The anesthetist arrives with the epidural
Finally, the savior arrives with his miracle sting. It was time, we have no vocation of martyrdom!

What you do not have to do:
You exclaim: "Oh my God, but she is E-NORME this needle!", Or even worse, turn around the eye.

What you need to do:
Watch your wife intently ... But especially not the needle!

The work is a bit long

Good. Baby does not seem very eager to see this strange planet ... Except that everyone is tired, and can not wait to discover his little face!

What you do not have to do:
Ask: "Uh ... there's TV here? Because tonight is France-Denmark ..."

What you need to do:
Try to make yourself useful. You can choose to spray mineral water on your wife's face (more than 15 cm, please), massage her neck, make her laugh. In short, relax and relieve it at best.

Baby begins to point the tip of his nose
He finally decides. It's time to grow well, the suspense is at its height ... We'll finally see!

What you do not have to do:
All excited, take out your camcorder not to lose a crumb, repeat unnecessarily what the doctor says: "But finally pushes, push darling ... but go go yyyy since the doctor asks you!" Also avoid falling into the apples, it's really not the moment ...

What you can do:
Raise your woman's upper back to help her push, hold her hand very hard (without grinding her either), stay by her side, looking at her with eyes full of admiration.

Here it is !

This baby long awaited is there, resting on the belly of his mother. The cord is cut, the stress fell ... The emotion is palpable.

What you do not have to do:
Again, fall in the apples, it would be a shame to miss the best!
You exclaim: "Ah, but it's all blue, is it normal ?!" Yes, it's normal.

What you can do:
To say things disjointed, to shed a little tear ... Nobody will resent you, you are so moved!

The first contact with baby
We will offer you, your dad, to give his first bath to your baby. A good opportunity to get to know each other better.

What you do not have to do:
Take a disgusted look and pretend you do not know anything about it.

What you need to do:
Go. On the one hand, it is a first contact with your child. On the other hand, it is time for you to leave the work room so that the medical team can care for your wife.
Finally, if you are really a great guy, run to buy chocolates to the medical team that deserved it, the press of the day (for your child later) and a beautiful jewel for your wife ...
Then go party with your friends, you deserve it!

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