April 20, 2024

Children go on vacation with Village Kinder

... At the seaside, in the countryside or in the mountains, holidays allow children to leave their worries "at home", to change the scenery, to make new "friends", to laugh and to create unforgettable memories. Yet not all children are in the same boat. See more! In France, one in three children does not go on holiday (according to the Ipsos barometer).

When Kinder rhymes with big heart

For the second consecutive season, Kinder, which is a brand of the group Ferrero, decided to reach out to hundreds of children by opening Villages Kinder! A thousand children from disadvantaged backgrounds will be able to go on vacation and live an unforgettable week thanks to Kinder Villages.

When is it? Where is it ?

From July 3 to August 20, these children, from all over France, will meet at Temple-sur-Lot (Lot-et-Garonne) to enjoy a week of vacation, where sports and cultural activities will jostle. : hip hop, fencing, basketball, football, rowing, sailing or visiting regional museums.

Happiness for hundreds of children

For the second consecutive summer, Village Kinder will open its doors to children from families supported by Secours populaire. Together with these children from a disadvantaged background, Kinder will offer for the first time families assisted by social organizations in the Rouen agglomeration. Why Rouen? This is the historic cradle of Ferrero La France.

A week full of emotions, encounters and memories ...

These children will also be able to meet high level athletes. Every week, Village Kinder will receive prestigious parents such as Laura Flessel Tony Parker, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Nikola Karabatic, Tony Estanguet, Ladji Doucouré or Pierre Pujol. Organized around an introduction to their sporting practices, these days will be an opportunity to share moments filled with beauty and emotion.

"Kinder is committed to childhood"

The village Kinder is part of the solidarity program of the brand "Kinder is committed to Childhood". Day after day, month after month, Kinder mobilizes all its levers of communication, its products but also its teams to offer toddlers from disadvantaged backgrounds the pleasures of a real child's life. The proof ! During the 2010-2011 school year, 92 children were able to practice the sport of their choice.

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