August 15, 2022

Christmas menu: what meal for a family eve?

Stay traditional
One thing is certain: when we venture to innovate, we can very well make the culinary find of the year as totally miss! It's okay if we celebrate Christmas with his parents or his children compassionate but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if we receive for the first time stepmom. So if you want to impress at this dinner, a tip: put all the cards on your side and bet on the traditional, even the classic revisited.


Starter: plain oysters, lemon or Arcachonnaise, candied gizzard salad, foie gras with figs and onion jam on brioche or snail-flavored bites.
Dish : almost everything is allowed: poultry (stuffed capon, turkey with chestnuts, goose roasted with apples, rooster with wine), white pudding with apples, fish (wing of poached stripe and white butter) or red meat and game (net of b? egg crust, duck breast with orange, leg of lamb, deer fillet or venison with mustard).
Dessert : the must-have ice cream Christmas cake, vanilla, fruit, coffee or chocolate, gingerbread, dark chocolate mousse, tiramisu or chestnut mousse.


The idea of ​​the chef!
To impress all members of the familyFrom grandpépé to the youngest, Sabine Paris, author of Recettes de Réveillon (Larousse albums) would play the traditional menu with a terrine of foie gras with figs and gingerbread, a turkey with chestnuts accompanied by her mashed celery and a vacherin with berries to finish.

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