May 28, 2024

Domestic pollution: attention danger!

"Home sweet home": it is often said that it is good to be at home. Not always ! Indeed, the National Institute for Prevention and Health Education (INPES) brings us down from our little cloud by reminding us, in a statement, that the air we breathe in our home can also be polluted . No one is immune from the harmful effects of tobacco, cleaning products, defective combustion of heating appliances or hot water production, mites (factors ofallergies) at his home. The health effects of this household pollution can range from a simple discomfort to diseases mainly affecting the respiratory system: headaches, respiratory irritation, allergies...".
Domestic pollution would mainly affect sensitive people such as "infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly or people with chronic diseases".
The only remedy for breathing a healthier indoor air: daily ventilation and ventilation of his home. INPES takes the opportunity to remind that 10 minutes of ventilation, winter and summer, are enough to renew the air in the housing.
To raise French awareness of the topic of domestic pollution, the Ministry of Health and Sports and the National Institute for Prevention and Health Education launch the guide to indoor air pollution. Since April 18, a radio spot and an Internet banner campaign have been broadcasted to reinforce the knowledge on the subject.

C'est pas sorcier -EAU EN DANGER (May 2024)