April 17, 2024

Extracurricular activities: parents' testimonials

Malika, 39 years old

I have three children from 9 to 18 years, so Wednesday's schedule is very busy because they all do activities. When I was younger, my daughter wanted to do some dancing, gym and swimming. Except when she was in sixth grade, she spent so much time on the sport that her results felt bad, so we had to make a choice. After discussion, she chose to pursue the gym because it was undeniably what she preferred. Today she practices this sport 4 hours a week, with good results school and does many competitions.

Joël, 45 years old

Like all dads, I dreamed of coming to encourage my son on a football stadium and see him make small bridges with the ball. Except that in reality, it happened quite differently. My son loved to draw and he wanted to be enrolled in art classes. He loves to go every Tuesday night and since last year, our lobby has become a real art gallery.

Elisa, 33 years old

I have a little girl who never wanted to do any activities outside ofschool. As she goes to daycare on Wednesday, I only take advantage of her on weekends. I make up for it by taking him to do different activities. Last week, for example, we went to a cooking class for children together. We were delighted to share this moment together. Nevertheless, in order not to isolate herself from others, next year, I will enroll her in a collective sport.

Parents and Extracurricular activities of children (April 2024)