December 10, 2023

Fashion flop: Kylie Minogue, what's this look?

If for some years Kylie Minogue We used to sexy mini mini outfits that do not hide a lot of skin, this time, the singer went too far!

After singing half-naked surrounded by young and beautiful ephebes for the needs of her music video, All the lovers, Kylie Minogue dare the leather + fishnet + dress split on the thigh ... and cherry on the cake, handcuffs hanging on the belt. After daring the corset for Madonna, Jean paul Gaultier prove once again that he is not ready to settle down!

Kylie Minogue would she have forgotten one of the key precepts of fashionittude? To know: too sexy becomes vulgar?

And what do you think of this look?

asdfmovie8 (December 2023)