February 29, 2024

Fashion tip: - 5 kilos thanks to my clothes

Soon the spring, the trial of the swimsuit (and the fitting room) but also the delicate passage of the duo pull-down jacket to the little light top-skirt. And if during the winter, we have no scruples to fight against the cold revenge on good food and sweet treats, as the weather approaches, it is time to ask the question of our silhouette and what we are going to wear.

If we do not have all Elle MacPherson's slender figure, that's no reason not to be fashionable, as long as we know what's right for us, or not ...

1) The choice of trousers
Low waist or high waist? If you have a small buoy around your belly, it is best to avoid low sizes and opt for a high waist. Yes, the little bead above the belt is not glam.

2) The jeans that suits me
If the jeans are an essential part of our wardrobe, find the right jeans, the one that will make your buttocks and the wasp waist is a bit like the obstacle course. The solution ? Watch the cuts before trying (bootcut for small sizes, slim for twigs, eph paws for luscious ones) and try on 5.6 jeans, until you find the perfect jeans!

3) The cleavage
If you have square shoulders, avoid the boat neckline or round neck, opt for a small V. For those who have a generous chest, avoid cleavage cleavage, prefer a U-neck that will emphasize the chest without being vulgar.

4) "I do not like my arms"
You have "big arms" and hesitate to wear little tops and sleeveless dresses? Opt for the short sleeve, which will hide the fat of the arm.

5) The dress
For those who have small defects to camouflage, think of the Empire waist summer dress that highlights the neckline but hide under a vaporous effect waist and hip. Look here our summer fashion shopping devoted to summer dresses.

6) The fabrics to avoid
Are forbidden fabrics that fit the shapes, prefer a mesh or a fabric that stands to not mark the forms too much.

7 ° The colors
This summer again, fluo (turquoise, orange, yellow, green) are in fashion. If you have shapes, prefer a fluo accessory to a trousers or a big flashy room. Work the colors by small touches

8 ° The stripes
To look slimmer and refine the silhouette, avoid horizontal stripes. Prefer graphic prints.

9 ° The shoes
If you are small or trying to throw a slightly packed silhouette, replace ballerinas with wedges or kitten heels (4 cm) that lengthen the silhouette and are very comfortable. Find here our shopping dedicated to compensated shoes.

10 ° The jacket
Rather than the tuxedo suit, opt for a overcoat or a small jacket 3/4 sleeves.

11 ° "I do not like my knees"
You complex on your knees and dare not wear shorts or short skirt? Think about the pencil skirt, very glamorous, pile under the knee, worn with a small chiffon blouse for the evening for example and a small jacket or a perfecto to twister with a little rock side.

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