June 5, 2020

Flat belly: try the deep scult!

Soon the holiday season and you dream to slip into this beautiful dress close to the body for the occasion? It's possible ! And thanks to a surprising technique offered exclusively by Club Med Gym.

Available from November 12th, the deep scult is the sport essential for all women who wish to trade their little curves for a belly dish and abs well drawn. The secret ? A method based on concentration and breathing.

Deep scult, instructions for use

The classic movements of abdominal strengthening are accompanied by phases of exhalation and inspiration that will increase the results and benefits to the body. All your efforts will be optimized and results visible much faster than with sessions ofabs classic, ideal for those who want to find the line quickly.

All the abdominal muscles are worked in depth: transverse, right, small and large oblique. The concept: to alternate between fast and slow movements. The speed of the movements as well as the breathing phases respect perfectly our anatomy, result: one is much less breathless during the session. Full, the deep scult is also convenient because it can be started by everyone, whether you are used to gyms or you have decided to gradually resume physical activities.

This new technique will also help you improve your posture and posture by strengthening the back muscles, as well as evacuate the stress accumulated during the day. Come on, head to the room sport !

I want to participate in a deep sculpting class: Club Med Gym Waou, to know the schedules, go on the site www.clubmedgym.com

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